Natalie is the most wonderful doula!! I so loved having her as my support person for my third baby. She’s so professional, knowledgeable and most of all truly loves and connects with her clients. I love that she’s trained in hypnobirthing- I used that technique with my first and wanted to use it again for this birth. I had false labor the day before and she drove all the way to my home (1.5hrs one way) and spent all day doing different techniques to restart labor. Baby decided to come the next day and Natalie was just the best at keeping me comfortable and relaxed. She always knew exactly what I needed but was also flexible and always gave me the choice. I had full confidence she was my advocate and my husband was also very grateful she was there to direct him to what to do:) i love how we really connected and that we shared the same naturalistic philosophies about health and childbirth. I loved everything about working with Natalie and would recommend her to anyone searching for a doula!

-Jenny D

Natalie is a wonderful and talented doula. She was my doula for 2 babies and I would choose her again. She has a vast amount of knowledge (she is always continuing to learn) and her presence is very calming. She is very easy to get along with (for husbands as well) and brings a happy, bright energy to the birth. 

-Whitney P

Natalie is an absolutely awesome doula!! She was very supportive throughout a challenging pregnancy and especially during the long rough labor. I was grateful to have someone to reach out for suggestions on dealing with many of the more common ailments of pregnancy. Her constant encouraging support throughout the intense contractions was invaluable, especially when I was feeling a bit demoralized after the epidural failed for the 2nd time. During the delivery, while I was pushing, she was the only one who noticed that my husband was feeling kind of faint. She had him sit down and drink something. He quickly recovered and was able to continue being there for me. She was also a great emotional support during the postpartum period as I recovered from hemorrhaging during the delivery and dealing with my husband's 3-week absence during the initial 6 weeks postpartum. She had good tips for dealing with some common breastfeeding problems I encountered. I simply cannot recommend Natalie highly enough. We are planning on having our 2nd child in a couple of years and will most definitely be hiring her again. 

-Nichole D.

Having Natalie as my Doula was amazing! This was my 3rd birth, and from the beginning of the pregnancy, I knew I wanted a different birth experience. I had the privilege of taking her hypno-babies class and I feel like it greatly prepared me for the natural child birth that I had chosen. She was there for me for weeks before as I had had some complications and I needed her support and guidance. The day my daughter was born, I felt very comforted knowing she was there to help my husband feel confident in his ability to help me. She stayed calm and helpful throughout a long labor and birth. Should my husband and I choose to have more children, I would not hesitate to have her assist me again. I loved the different experience I had versus my first 2 births. 

 -Jamie T.

Natalie was amazing to work with. She came prepared with so many different methods to soothe, calm, and keep the mood positive. She knew what questions to ask when a red flag flew up, she assisted me in different positions to ease pains, and attentive 100% of the time. I would recommend Natalie as a doula to any laboring mama.

-Calie S.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am that you were a part of this huge event in my life! I'm so glad there are doulas to help women in this experience, and more so, I'm so lucky that I got to have you as my doula.  I really think you are awesome at what you do. Your support meant so much. Hearing your voice prompting me and coaching me was what I really needed. I look back on my experience with such joy and I couldn't have done it without your sweet support all the way. My husband was also grateful to have you there, supporting him too. Lots of special memories. You are such an awesome woman!

-Jerilyn J.

I cannot wait another moment to thank you for the incredible role you played in bringing our sweet baby here to earth. You are forever emblazened in my heart as a hero. Thank you a million times over. Here's to Doula Power!

-Kristin H.

We absolutely loved having Natalie as our doula for the birth of our twin girls. She helped make our experience exactly what we wanted it to be. She was calm, knowledgeable, skillful, and a priceless addition to our labor and delivery team.

-Shellie and Bryan B.

Natalie is very patient, kind and thoughtful. She aims to please and is very interested in learning and offering new techiniques and services that will help you with your birth. It was really nice to have an extra person there for the birth of our daughter and I am glad it was Natalie!
-Cheryl Lee Eberting, MD

I finally have a minute to sit down and email you. I cannot thank you enough for being such a wonderful doula! I would never have made it without you. I feel so proud that I actually did it! The recovery has been amazing. I am going to recommend you to everyone!
-Jenny P.

Thanks Natalie! You were amazing, thank you so much again! He is a wonderful baby! We are so blessed! Thanks for taking part! Couldn't have been able to do that amazing feat with out you! I highly recommend you!
-Amy S.

I love the movie you made for us! It totally made me cry. I am so glad you were there. Thank you for everything! Let me know if you need any references in the future.
-Lee E.

When I was pregnant, I was so scared about the labor, since I'm a first time mom.  Then you started explaining to me about what a doula does to help.  You taught me and showed me so many thing that I started feeling better.  I wasn't scared anymore. I was happy and excited. I didn't know that women had so many options to help them endure so well. When I was in labor, I felt in control. And when I felt like I couldn't do it anymore, you were there to help me.  I'm so grateful for the support and help you gave my husband, it was so great. I know I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much for the wonderful help and job you have to help us all!

-Nayelli W.

We are so grateful to you for being with us and showing us what to do before, during, and after the birth of our precious daughter.  You are amazing!  I know that my wife was able to do what she did with the help and tips you gave us.  You were such a blessing to us both.  I really appreciate the attention and care you gave to my wife the entire time. You are not only a great doula, but a great friend as well.

-Robert W.


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